As part of the Entrepreneurship program at Maranatha Christian Academy (Brooklyn Park, MN), a group of students participated in a site visit to Emerson Automation Systems.  The follow article was published by Apriton Educational Advisors, who partner with MCA in this ground-breaking program.

Integrating Interdisciplinary Learning and Industry
By Brent Veninga

How can we integrate interdisciplinary learning and encourage both career and college preparedness for high school students? Today, Emerson Automation Systems (@EMR_Automation) hosted two of our schools, Southwest (@swchsstars) and Maranatha (@MCAmustangs) in an outstanding site visit. With help from Emerson’s Global Education team, students toured their manufacturing floor, the Solution Center, and the new Interactive Plant Environment training center. Emerson’s educational team used examples from content specific areas (e.g. physics, engineering, business, math and communications) and explained how these areas transfer into necessary skills such as collaboration, innovation and critical thinking. Incredible technologies on flow, pressure and measurement were described – and how instant worldwide communication benefits Emerson and its many clients. Such an impressive environment for our students to experience.

Furthermore, the Emerson team helped cast vision for our students into career possibilities and pathways to work at tremendous organizations like Emerson. They shared their personal career paths and the nature of their daily work and how they too are lifelong learners.

This is an outstanding example of how schools and business can intersect and cast vison in talented students that can become future employees.

Thanks so much to the Emerson Global Education team for this fantastic opportunity!

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We all think we are this, but in actuality most Americans are not this and do not know how to do this! Now at MCA, I know we are above average! But here is the thing, this is not something natural but has to be taught.  So you might be asking, what is this? Well, this is HOW TO BE GENEROUS.  No, not how to give, but how to be generous, to live generously, to be… not to do.

Now I know what you are thinking. Whenever someone says that we are not something, we immediately remember that one time we did it and define ourselves with that single event. An example, especially for the guys, would be in marriage. This happens at times, and perhaps too many times in my own, where your wife says something like, “You don’t help enough around the house.” Our immediate response to this, guys, is “No, remember that one time back before the kids where born when I washed the dishes?” And then we define our whole being with that one single act. When it comes to generosity, we are not talking about a single random act of giving.

You see, random acts of giving come from people inspiring us, motivating us, selling us, or guilting us into giving. Generosity is not a single act of giving. Generosity transcends inspirational and guilt giving. Generous people move beyond that. When we learn how to be generous and order our life around generosity, we will give more, save more, and consume less.

Now there are some of us who will not save more. In fact, you may already be saving more than all the neighbors on your street combined, including everyone in a four-block radius. You will not save more; you will give more. Maybe you do this because you are nervous about money, but it isn’t because you don’t have enough, you just never learned how to be generous. Others may think you are based on zeros on the end of your check, but you’re not generous. Generosity effects every part of your life, finances included. It’s a keystone habit that affects everything, but it is something that we need to be taught.

Generosity is not natural. The best example of this is found raising our own children. We have to teach them how to share when they are young. It’s not natural for them to do it. They will want to fight for their stuff and take other children’s toys when they want it. We have to teach them to give up what is maybe theirs; we have to teach them to take turns. It’s funny that even as adults we can still feel resistance when we give our own stuff away.

So if generosity isn’t natural, what is it? It’s crazy! Most Americans spend more than they make, pay interest on things that decrease in value as soon as they possess it. We never really feel rich, but we are, and we may feel generous but we aren’t.  That is crazy. Imagine sharing your financial pressures with someone from a third-world country. They would think you’re CRAZY! Just to give an example of this, if you make $40,000, you are considered part of the top 1-2% of the richest people in the world. This is mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Now with that being said, since we know that generosity isn’t natural and needs to be taught, let’s look at four myths of generosity.

Myth 1 – Generosity is spontaneous. Nope, it isn’t simply giving to the random kid in the neighborhood who is raising money for XYZ. It’s not walking by a musician downtown and throwing some change in the guitar case.  Generous people are not spontaneous, but far more strategic in their giving.

Myth 2 – Generosity depends on cash flow. If you think you can be generous today but not tomorrow, that’s not how it works. Generosity isn’t determined by whether or not you can afford it. Generous people are consistent in giving.

Myth 3 – It’s the amount that counts. This is pure crazy. Many times people look at the amount to determine if someone is generous or not. No one knows if the amount of zeros on the check makes a person generous. It may be more money than I have, than I could give, but one way to fool ourselves is by looking at the amount. The amount does NOT count. Everyone can be generous, and everyone can make a generous donation.

Myth 4 – Rich people are generous. “When I become rich, then I will become generous.” This simply isn’t the case. So think about this, if you are not generous now, when you get rich, you will simply be a rich person who is not generous. Rich people are rich and generous people are generous. There isn’t a correlation; they are two different things.

Now after reading those myths and what we already discussed, let’s just close our eyes and imagine for a moment. Imagine that all of the financial mistakes you have made over the years, the money lost, is now sitting in a bank account. All of it is right there for you but there is a catch. You can only spend it on others and not yourself. WOW! Can you imagine the rush of giving that away to others and helping those in need! Jesus tells us that it’s better to give than to receive, or you could say “Happy is the person whose life is ordered around giving than receiving.” This bank account certainly would bring you a lot of happiness and it would be because you were not spending it on yourself.

So bottom line is this, you need to choose your crazy. You can either be crazy like everyone else, or you can be crazy generous.

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Why MARANATHA’S Learning Support Services is Unprecedented in a Christian Private School

Quality education is important. Parents want to make sure that their children are provided with the right learning support services they need to develop their full potential. However, not all private Christian schools offer the level of support needed. Maranatha Christian Academy’s Learning Support Services (LSS) Program provides students with a high level of educational support to help students excel in an academically rigorous setting..



In accordance with Maranatha’s mission statement, the LSS Program exists to equip students to excel academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. We strive to provide all children with the right tools for optimal learning so they may be successful in and out of the classroom, working up to their fullest potential. We are committed to identifying and meeting the distinctive educational needs of each student through individualized educational programming.

Our purpose in the LSS Program is to partner with parents and teachers to ensure that our students are receiving instruction designed to meet their academic needs. In order to be successful with this, LSS works in collaboration with classroom teachers to best identify and assist students needing additional academic support. Along with providing students with various academic support, LSS offers teachers resources and information that they can use in their classrooms to best support all their students.


Maranatha Christian Academy recognizes that today is a time of unprecedented change. Schools need to be responsible for preparing students for life outside of the classroom, including college and beyond. The LSS space provides an ideal environment for educational activities that are engaging and authentic, Students’ abilities and interests are recognized, thus giving them the flexibility to learn in a way that will maximize their gifts.. Teachers and their students benefit from the adaptable learning space provided by the LSS Program which completely supports advanced teaching practices while embedding elements of individualized learning.

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When a student is allowed to partake in a Christian K-12 education, one where faith and learning are truly integrated, the parents are setting that child on a path illuminated with the Lord’s word. Imagine growing with people who believe the same as you, being mentored by adults with unwavering faith, and having access to resources that simply aren’t available elsewhere.

1 Corinthians 12:12-13 shares, “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.” Students who have the chance to participate in a Christian K-12 education are going to meet students on their journey through school that will challenge and enhance their faith. The beauty of Christian private schools is that they bring together people from all walks of life, all of whom are passionate about their faith. You child will have experiences with other cultures that are grounded in the same values that you cherish in your own home. There will be chances to interpret scripture together, to pray together, and to participate in activities that build a more comprehensive worldview than the students of public schools, who often make friends with people remarkably similar to them. Practicing a faith together is a community event that brings together lives that may have otherwise never intersected.

Perhaps most importantly, a Christian K-12 education prepares students for the social aspects of college. A strong beginning in school, where students are eventually allowed to bloom into their adult lives with a firm foundation of positive, faith-based experiences, are more likely to continue that trajectory as they enter colleges and universities. According to the Council of American Private Education, 79% of students who attend a private school go on to religiously affiliated institutions of higher learning. There, students are encouraged to continue growing in their faith with like-minded professors and peers. They will be prepared for the challenges associated with growth, ready to engage in some tough conversations and interpretations that may push against what they understand of their own faith, but all with the final goal of growing in God’s glory and becoming a more educated, open-hearted Christian.

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Finding ideal private elementary schools for your child is a big undertaking, so research is imperative. Between the sheer number of options and the values you’re searching for, the information can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for a place to start, here are a few resources that can help:


It’s likely that someone at your church shares your passion for a quality, Christian, private elementary education. The benefit of asking your church for options is that they will most likely offer a curriculum that supports the same values that your family does. If your church leaders don’t have information for you, ask members of the congregation. With over 5.4 million students enrolled in private education in the United States, there’s sure to be someone near you who has a testimonial or story to share.


You may have friends and family who have their children enrolled in a private elementary school. Speaking with them about their experiences can help guide your decision and give you the added benefit of having a pre-established network in your child’s new school. Enrolling your child in a school that a friend is enrolled in, given that the school matches your desires, can also ease the transition to elementary school.


This council does research and shares insights into the nature of the nation’s public schools. Their network represents 80% of the world’s institutions for private education and employs a diverse group of board members with personal interest in the advancement of public education.


Many schools offer pamphlets, brochures, and tours that will give you more information about what they have to offer. Another invaluable resources is the school’s website. Here, you’ll often find blog posts, ebooks, informational pages, and more. Maranatha Christian Academy’s website offers all of the following and we encourage you to give us a look as you search for the perfect private elementary school.

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Traits of Top Christian School Teachers


By enrolling your child in a top Christian school, such as Maranatha Christian Academy, there is a certain expectation that the teachers will be of a higher caliber than a traditional public school teacher. Of course, if a school can actually claim to be a top Christian school, that expectation must be met. There are certain traits of a Christian school teacher that you won’t always find in a traditional setting, but these traits mean that your child is getting the best education they can from people who truly care about their growth in both their education and their religion.


When a truly great Christian school teacher is in the classroom, you can expect that they are holding your child to a standard that facilitates their journey to greatness. These teachers understand the dangers of being mediocre, as well as the dangers of trying too hard to be perfect. Instead, they strike a perfect balance, allowing your child room to make mistakes and grow in Christ.

Encourage and Seek Relationships

Top Christian school teachers understand that the classroom isn’t just a place to learn your ABCs. They understand the imperative role of social-emotional development and seek to grow relationships with students, in order to help them on their journey to adulthood. Teachers who are simply there to impart information will never see the same results that teachers who take the time to know their students will.


The best Christian school teachers don’t just lead their students in prayer at the beginning and end of the day. Instead, they truly weave together education and religion, thinking about both their own lives and the lives of the students they teach from a biblical perspective. Being a truly integrated teacher, one who masterfully presents both faith and learning, takes time that most are unwilling or unable to dedicate to the craft. A top Christian school teacher finds the time and does so joyfully.

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Benefits of Selecting a Private Christian School

Before selecting any school for your children you should consider a lot of assets of the school. Like most Christian parents you must also have taught your child “the importance of God in Life” from the very young days. You must have made them grow in a way that he should feel accompanied by God in all aspects of his life. Below are some of the advantages of Private Christian Schools over public school. It will help you to reach a decision.

Loving teachers and God-fearing Environment

The Christian students have a high chance of performing very well in the studies. The main reason for this is most of the teachers in the Private Christian School genuinely care about their students, whether it is in the Academics or improving God loving attitude in their students. These teachers have a great passion for Jesus Christ instructions and they implement those in their teaching methods. As the teacher is one among the most influential persons in child life, it becomes very important that they should go extra mile helping their students and feel for them.  In Private Christian School education system, not only the teachers but also the school board acts under the same educational concept.

Personalised attention and care, lead to Success

Christian school always has an upper hand providing personalized guidance and care for students. Unlike the public schools, Christian school always have sufficient staff strength so that they can provide individual attention to their students.  The class size of Christian school remains to be smaller in most cases. This provides an opportunity for the students to do an intimate gathering. They can express wholeheartedly and not just remain dormant.

Student will find his Role model to follow in Life

The initial years for your child’s Schooling career are very vital. If he finds a great role model whom he can feel he should follow, then it’s great as it will give a right direction to his life. As parents, you should try every possible effort to give your child an environment where he can find Christ-like people who could take real care of them. Teach them the Godly values and pour enormous positive influence in his life that will last long. In a Christian school, the chances of meeting such influential people are much higher.

Student will not only grow Biblically but also academically

The teachers in Private Christian School are not only good at reciting students the Holy Bible and providing the elixir of divine knowledge, they also proved to have an edge over their counterparts in academics. The Council for American Private Schools has already stated their academic excellence in their recent report. The religious schools have a strong belief that their students are capable of achieving higher success than they realize.

Likely Success in Higher Studies

It is clear that the Private Christian School students perform better in classes than the public school students.  So it is obvious for them to have a bigger success after graduation than their counterparts. Their strong academic curriculum and strict campus discipline will make them better prepared to handle the rigors of higher education. By that time they have also got a strong spiritual foundation that will lead them to a prosperous future.

Bad company Corrupts Good Moral

According to the Holy Bible, Bad company corrupts good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33). No matter how good a school your child is going, if he is accompanied by any bad associates then it could be devastating for his future. In Christian schools the chances of being accompanied by any such entity are pretty less; on the other hand, the chances of associating with good vibes are much higher.


Christian School is a much safer place for Spirituality and Education.

The public schools are crowded with thousands of students with no personal attention to the students. It results in many occurrences of theft, physical violence and sometimes open rebellion in the classroom. On the contrary, the Christian schools offer a much safer place to the young ones. The campus discipline is so strict that the students don’t even think about passing a verbal insult to their fellow classmates. With that kind of discipline associated with strong moral values makes a student society ready.

These are some of the important advantages of Private Christian schools over public school, but much more might be added as the list is endless.

Maranatha Christian Academy is taking the pride of imparting unparalleled Christian education system to numerous students for over 3 decades now. As an innovative and distinctive Christian school, it is determined to prepare youth for their calling in service of Jesus Christ. The institute is achieving continuous growth and achievement through its Christ-centered educational excellence. Maranatha Christian Academy is well established in the Twin Cities for its strong academic standards and progressive vision. For more information about our Private Christian School Minneapolis and Private K-12 School Twin Cities, visit our website.